“A captivating and imaginative songwriter” (Sarah Greene, NOW Magazine), Nick Teehan’s powerful and lilting vocals pull the listener through his world of deep metaphors and radical, honest emotion. As a lyricist, Teehan is equal parts self-effacing and grandiose, drawing comparisons to “an early Rufus Wainwright” (John Sakamoto, Toronto Star) and “Ben Folds meets Matt Dusk” (Nicole Villeneuve, Torontoist). Amid his tuneful melodies are genuine stories of crumbling identity alongside whimsical parables on love and connection. His 2019 album, These Little Things is titled after a ghost story where Teehan freezes in a snow drift and haunts his wife in the winter cottage where the album was written and recorded. The follow up to his 2012 debut There is Not a Snake (NNNN, NOW Magazine), These Little Things’ featured single “Just Waiting” asks the question “How often do you feel like, your whole life, just waiting for someone?”

Bubbling beneath the surface of his intimate and exposed lyrical style is Teehan’s talent as a saxophonist and vocalist. His most recent side work was as saxophonist and featured vocalist (as the ‘voice’ of Leonard Cohen) in The Leonard Cohen Sweet, a recording of original music written in tribute by Friendly Rich (The Lollipop People, Tom Green Show) and Dave Clark (Woodshed Orchestra, Rheostatics) to benefit the Regent Park School of Music. His other work as a sideman has seen him record with artists including Maylee Todd and Aline Morales and perform at venues including Massey Hall, the JUNOs and the Much Music Video Awards.